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We not only stimulate you to discover who you truly are, but we excite you to actions in becoming a magnificent YOU in all ramifications. We achieve this through our effective communication skills in seminars, conferences, workshops, career days, etc., in schools and any other platforms we identify or are been called upon.


Mentoring and coaching you to reinvent a better version of YOU by learning, unlearning, and relearning how to use your mind to achieve great results. Professionally trained counsellors, mind doctors, making you see the positive changes that you always desired in your lifestyle, relationship, finances and health.


We follow you up through our psychotherapy/counselling sessions to help you to integrate into the positive changes, skills, relationships, setting goals and accomplishing them to attain self-actualization in all life’s aspects. That is why you can easily reach us now by clicking the training or psychotherapy buttons.

Our Methods in TCN

TCN serves as a pathway for individuals to uncover their true selves, which help them to delve into their inner depths and evolve into the best version of themselves.

Author, Educationist, Administrator, Psychotherapist and a Life-transforming Coach.

Our Vision
We aim to inspire, impact, and facilitate the transformation of both individual and collective lives through personalized development training, professional counseling, and skill acquisition programs, guiding them toward the realization of their full potential and self-actualization.
Our Mission
We are empowering individuals to authentically discover their true identities, harness their inherent capabilities, and chart their authentic life paths.
Our Core Values
Discipline and Responsibility Respect and sincere Love Partnership and Networking Possibilities and Dynamism Creativity and Innovation

About the Book: Different Strokes

DIFFERENT STROKES centres around two girls – Precious and Eno, from different families. On one hand, Precious enjoys parental love, care, protection, provision, support and good moral training, which helps her to grow intelligently, smart and confident. On the other hand, Eno is neglected, maltreated by her father and finally sent to work as a house-help with the misguided hope that she might be sponsored to further her education by the family she works for. Eno is caught in an awful web of confusion and distress, which almost completely ruin her life. How did fortune smiles on her, you will have to read the book to know. This fiction novel aims to correct some erroneous attitudes, values and belief system in our contemporary families and society. You also will see different religious faithful and how fanatically they are presenting the peace they claim to give. You will need to know how the working class and the other class of parents raise their children rather than abandoning them in the hand of house-helps who themselves need help. There is so much to learn from this thought-provoking and mind-blowing novel that is able to reorient your mindset positively. It is a must read for parents, teachers, youths, and adolescents.
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Major Goal

Help people discover themselves through their believe systems, goals, values, abilities, social interaction. The essence of bringing them through their root is to create the environment for self- awareness in order to get to self- actualization.
About the TCN

The Discovery

The goal is to answer the question of “WHO AM I” and this question goes to everyone irrespective of age, gender,skin color, religion, ethnicity, status etc. Our personal development programs are for everybody.
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At Think Counselling Network, we have a range of Objectives

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Some Statistics you should know

For our three years of existence as an Enterprise – rendering free humanitarian services, we have added values to lives individually and corporately.