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No 9, Trademore Extension, Abuja


Training For our personal and professional development programs, here are our courses. Kindly indicate the course of your choice or combination of courses.

Course 1: Self-Discovery (compulsory course for all) N30,000.00


  1. Defining yourself by your belief system

  2. Defining yourself by your values

  3. Defining yourself by your goals

  4. Defining yourself by your abilities

  5. Defining yourself by your social interactions.

  6. Spirit soul and the body and man

  7. Spirit-man vs soul-man

  8. The mental faculties

Course 2: Mindset Shift N50,000.00


  1. Psychology of the mind

  2. Approaches toward thinking

  3. The way people behaviours

  4. Mind conditioning

  5. Paradigm shift

  6. Problem-solving vs problem-finder

  7. Taking control of your thoughts

  8. SWOT analysis

Course 3: Creativity/Innovative Thinking N50,000.00


  1. The concept of creativity and innovations

  2. Developing creativity and innovation skills

  3. Being a problem solver and a creator of ideas

  4. Be curious and inquisitive

  5. Be yourself

  6. Take charge of your environment in your mind

  7. Be a key team player

Course 4: Assertiveness and confidence Training N50,000.00


  1. Types of behaviour and how to manage them

  2. Assertive affirmations and sentences

  3. Assertive techniques

  4. Leading with assertiveness

  5. How to handle difficult people

  6. Assertive tool and strategies

  7. Developing self-confidence

  8. Practical exercises using SWOT analysis

Course 5: Use of time and Activities management N50,000.00


  1. Importance of time usage/activities management and its stumbling blocks

  2. How do you use your time?

  3. Prioritize your schedules

  4. Beware of time stealers

  5. What is your workload?

  6. Managing unforeseen situations

  7. Importance of delegation

  8. Applying some life’s techniques

  9. Manual vs digital use of time

Couse 6: Goal Setting: The Art of getting things done


  1. Assembling and reassembling task

  2. Overcoming procrastination

  3. How to set daily goal with seconds

  4. Importance of to-d0-list

  5. The use of four Ps and SMART

  6. How to set a weekly, monthly and yearly goals

  7. Accept your mistakes, Reward and or repeat the process

  8. Self-discipline and goal setting

  9. How to visualise your goal

Course 7: Non-verbal communication /Body Language N50,000.00


  1. Psychology of body language and non-verbal communication

  2. Body language readying Part 1: Head and eye movement

  3. Body language reading Part 2: Facial, posture and hand expressions

  4. Masculine and feminine non-verbal cues

  5. Body language at the workplace and other gatherings

  6. Personal body language and non-verbal communication

  7. Evaluating non-verbal signals

  8. Practical exercise/self-evaluation with SWOT

Course 9: Productivity Training N50,000.00


  1. The concept of the productivity

  2. Setting S M A R T goals

  3. Personal life

  4. Improved communication skills

  5. Psychology of personality

  6. Leadership and team wok

  7. Analyzing aspect of daily life

  8. Improvement of self

Course 10: Interpersonal communication N50,000.00


  1. Science of interpersonal skill

  2. Persona productivity

  3. Pitfalls to effective communication

  4. Listening techniques

  5. The art of speaking

  6. Observation and body language skills

  7. Managing people

Course 11: Work-Life Balance N50,000.00


  1. Concept of work-life balance

  2. Science of mind and body

  3. Setting priorities and boundaries

  4. Apply principles

  5. Striking a work-life balance

  6. Taking bold steps

  7. Self-assessment of task, time and purpose

  8. The concept of working from home.

Course 12: Creativity and Innovation Training N50,000.00


  1. The concept of Thinking and acting differently

  2. Creative skills

  3. Innovation skills

  4. Open mindset

  5. Strategies to creativity and innovation

  6. Engaging the brain effectively

  7. Steps to sues

  8. Challenges and how to overcome the

  9. Project implementation

Course 13: Stress use, Reduction and Management N50,000.00


  1. The concept of stress

  2. Brain science and stress

  3. Stress triggers

  4. Techniques of handling stress

  5. Approaches to stress

  6. Stress reduction

  7. Stress management treatment

  8. Symptoms and stress use

Course 14: Effective Delegation Skills Training N50,000.00


  1. Concept of delegation

  2. Benefits and barriers of delegation

  3. Styles and types of effective delegation

  4. Adapting to delegation

  5. Adapting to delegation

  6. Approaches to effective delegation

  7. Challenges of delegation

  8. Steps to effective delegation

  9. Skills to effective delegation

  10. Accepting people strengths and weaknesses

Course 15: Profession and Corporate Etiquette N50,000.00


  1. Understanding the concept of the first impression

  2. Non-verbal cues/body language

  3. Internal office etiquette

  4. Massaging/emailing etiquette

  5. Physical appearance etiquette

  6. Dinning etiquette

  7. Writing etiquette

  8. Managing multi-cultures

  9. International standards and government diplomats

Course 16: Entrepreneurship Skills Training N50,000.00


  1. Concept of entrepreneurship

  2. Vision, mission and values

  3. Business knowledge

  4. Setting business infrastructure

  5. Leadership and managerial skills

  6. Marketing plan and sales strategies

  7. Finance and budgeting skills

  8. Management performance

  9. The power of motivation

Course 17: Presentation Skills Training N50,000.00


  1. Dynamics of presentation skills

  2. Activity: Self-introduction

  3. How to become an inspiring speaker.

  4. Presentation rule for power point: Guy Kawasaki (10/20/30 rule)

  5. Engaging the audience

  6. Managing your audience

  7. Types of presentation

  8. Structuring your presentation

  9. Vocal training

  10. Presentation mistakes

  11. Presentation framework

Course 18: Negotiation Skills Training N50,000.00


  1. Concept of negotiation skills

  2. Understanding negotiation strategies

  3. Negotiation behaviour and personality types

  4. The stages of negotiation

  5. Success through negotiation

  6. Overcoming difficulties in negotiation

  7. Planning for future negotiation

Course 19: Advance Negotiation Skills N50,000.00


  1. Introduction

  2. Value generation through negotiation structuring

  3. Non-verbal/body language skills

  4. How to manage negotiation process

  5. Pricing: How to deal with it

  6. Price negotiation

  7. Action plan

Course 20: spiritual, emotional and social intelligence N50,000.00

Practical courses for each.